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Uploaded 2001 Pics

I uploaded my 2001 Album pictures! In this year I took lots of pictures of places I went to and things I did.

This is so fare the biggest one yet. I hope you take the time and look through the many memories from that year.

Even though there are lots of pictures I’m sure lots of things are missing, as during some fun events I didn’t take any pictures.

If you like any pictures you would like to keep feel free to download them by clicking on the down arrow on the top right corner. I know my goal is to upload a year a month, but like I didn’t upload anything on Feb and March I am uploading two a month until I catch up.

Oh yah I almost forgot, I also uploaded some pictures from my mom’s trip to Sonora and my cousin Aury’s wedding. While I was at it I also uploaded pictures from weddings in 2000 and 2001. So visit my site as there are tons of new pictures. Hope you enjoy and come back soon for more.


Album 2001

Testing iOS

Testing how this would appear online if I posted this blog from my iPhone. Here are some pics of the kids.





Uploaded 2000 Pics

Here are some of my pictures I took during the year 2000. I’m a little behind on my goal to upload pics from a year every month, but I’ll catch up.

I hope you enjoy the pics. The way I’m uploading them now is using flash and it doesn’t enable you to download the pics very easily. But if you would like some of the pics just let me know and I’ll send you a download link.

See Pics

Thanks for visiting and come back soon for more!


Universal Playback

I updated the 1999 Album! I didn’t change any pictures just the format. I will also use this new format on other new albums I upload. Why?

Because it works on mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. On a regular web browser it will be visible through flash and can be seen in full screen. On the mobile devices it will use HTML5 and use a simple interface for a better experience.

I hope its useful to some… I know it will be useful to me. Thanks for visiting and come back soon for more pictures and video!

Uploaded 1999 Pics

Well I finally got around and uploaded the pictures for 1999. If I stick to my plan I will be uploading an album each month of several pictures from each year. Starting from 1999 as those are the oldest pictures I have taken.

Go to the navigation bar and click Pictures of the Year > 1999

Hello world!

Welcome to my new site! Last year I took down my old site in plans of making a new site. Well I finally got around to it… and I’m just starting.

So hear is my plan. I recently was looking at all the pictures I have taken throughout the years. I have pictures that I have taken that date back to 1999 and that is because that’s when I purchased my first digital camera.

The plan is to upload an album each month of pictures of one year, starting in February I will start with 1999. So if you have ever hanged around with me I’m sure you will come out in a few.

Another plan I have for this year is to collect as many pictures as I can from family members, I’m talking about old pictures of the family. After collecting them I wish I could label them and post them for distribution to all the family members so everyone can have them. So if you have some let me know.

Well hopefully I stick to my plan… be sure to visit in February!