Europe 2011

I had to place 2011 on the title… I’m hoping I return soon 🙂

Well if you found this page this soon its because you have been sniffing around. Only one link exist to this page and you have found it.

So consider yourself privileged. I just want to let you know how I plan on keeping in touch while I’m away on my month long trip. The truth is I want to upload and blog as much as I can from my trip as possible. The biggest reason, second to just because I want to share my experience is that I tend to forget the details. If I get to blog it during my trip I will be able to share more details with everyone but at the same time I will be able to keep more memories for myself. Remember this will be a month long adventure for me, and honestly I have never been away from work or home for this long… I can’t wait!!!

My vacation starts sharply on August 3 at 2:30pm. That is when it will start for me. The sharing part gets complicated because of the fact that I will be in another country and with limited internet.

In order to accomplish my goal I will be using a complicated network of services and applications to be able to record and share my thoughts, pictures and video. I plan on even streaming some live video from cities in Italy. To do that and most of the sharing I’m planning on getting a data package while I’m there.

Where will you be able to follow me?

Here on my site, during my trip I plan on taking down my whole site. My site will be dedicated to Europe and only Europe stuff. But because of the complication of doing this there will be two blogs. The blog I have now will keep on running with updates of where I am and small facts of where I’m visiting. The page will have a link to my Vacation blog that I hope I can update nightly. This is where the pictures and video of the day will be posted for the days event.

If I’m out in the town and uploading pictures and video from the street they will come out on my current blog and video stream link. I’m sure once it is posted it will be way more clear to understand.

So make sure to visit frequently when the time arrives so you can follow me to Paris!