My 2011 Trip to Europe

Ten days from today I will embark on my trip to Europe! I once posted on Facebook that I was going to skip across the US and then hope over to Europe. It was very true because that is exactly what I’m going to do. Unfortunately someone booked my flight with several connecting flights, so I will literally skip across the US like a rock on a lake.

I will be going on vacation for a month. The best part of it is I’m inviting you to come along and explore Europe with me. Come back to my website and visit the Photo Stream and Video Stream links where you will be able to see pictures and videos from my trip while I take them on my vacation.

I will also be posting my itinerary on my blog daily and a Daily Journal of what I did every day. I did this on my trip to the Caribbean and I really enjoyed doing it especially because it helped me remember everything I did on my trip, especially the small details. Good memories.

During my trip I will be visiting five countries: Spain, France, Monaco, Croatia, Italy and some days I will be out at Sea on my Super Yacht. So come back frequently and check out what Europe is all about.

The fun starts on August 9th