I love to travel! And every chance I get, I get away.

I usually do short trips but once in a while I take some time off to explore a new corner of the earth. Here I will post pictures from different trips that I have taken. If you have traveled with me, come back soon to relive those adventures.

Talking about traveling, I will be taking my farthest and longest vacation ever (for the exception when my dad took use on a road trip to Washington when I was a kid, that was over a month) this year. And I want to bring you along. I’m planning on blogging and posting live videos and pictures. This is a difficult task as it will be from half way around the world and from a list of countries, but I will figure it out.

In 2009 I took a trip to the Caribbean Islands. During my trip I kept a blog, after my trip I posted some amazing pictures and created a movie. Check it out! If you enjoy tropical weather and beaches you should seriously consider visiting this area. The beaches and the water are amazing!

So come back soon and keep an eye out so you don’t miss the trip around the world!